C Driver API  3.4.2
API for the NuoDB C Driver Library
NuoDB C Driver API

The NuoDB C driver provides a C language API for connecting to NuoDB Database and executing SQL statements. For more information, see: Client Interfaces... C in the Client Interfaces section of the NuoDB Documentation. There is a C driver example in that documentation.

The NuoDB C Driver API contains C-Language data structures that represent functional types. The functional types are object oriented because they contain separate "state" and "methods". All functional types have an internal data field named "_state", which should not be used by client applications. The functional types also have data fields that are function pointers, which are the methods provided by that functional type. All functional methods take, as their first argument, a "this" pointer. Which is similar to the "this" pointer in C++ member function. Clients are expected to pass the functional type's current instance as the "this" pointer.

The following is a list of the functional types:

There are global factory functions for creating some of those functional types. The factory functions are named in the format: <functional-type>_Create(). Calling one of the *_Create() functions will construct an initialized functional type.

There are global "Free" functions that are used to release all resources held by a functional type. The free functions are named in the format: <functional-type>_Free(). The client application is expected to free functional objects when it is finished using them.